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Coach Harrell and TeamThe focus level was tremendous last weekend. The coaching staff did a wonderful job in preparing these young men for Norfolk State.  We understood that it would be a tough match-up, but the team’s mentality was definitely strong.  Knowing that it would be a team effort, everyone made sure that they did their job all week.  We considered the game versus Norfolk State as a heavy weight fight.  Therefore, we knew that we had to strike first. They are the defending champions, and the only way to defeat a championship team is to go right at them. Mistakes must be minimal, and you must be disciplined.  The Bison were focused, relaxed, and very confident for the Spartans.

NSU did a terrific job in making adjustments in the second half.  They really came out swinging, and was determined to make a come back.  They were able to find holes in our defense, and in the passing game.  They found some success and did a great job in attacking us.  Norfolk State is a very good team and it showed.  We must learn to play for four quarters, and learn to finish stronger.  Anytime you have a tremendous lead, you have to be able to continue to keep the pressure on the opponent. You can not allow a team to gain momentum when you have control of the game, especially a great team.  We will continue to improve on these areas and make our team stronger to become a championship team.

I feel good about how we represented Howard University on the national stage. The televised games are only good when you display a good product. I really think this adds value to Howard University.  Howard is a brand name across the country, so we always want to make sure that Howard’s brand is never tarnished. This program is on the rise and we look forward to each week to get better.

We must remain focused.  We are a long way from our goal, and it’s going to be a long tough season. This bye week will be used to review and fix all the problems that we encountered doing the first three weeks of the season.  We will always look at our fundamentals.  The coaching staff will take this opportunity to slow things down so we can really teach our scheme and game plan for our next opponent.


-Coach Harrell

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