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Coach Gary HarrellAs we concluded training camp, there are so many areas that we were able to improve on.  Building our roster by adding depth to the Offensive Line and Defensive Line position was a great accomplishment. This will allow us to be very effective in Running the Football as well as Defending the Run. During camp we were able to evaluate our new incoming talent to see how they will fit. Also, we were able to allow Ted White to visit the Minnesota Vikings and Chenniss Berry to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars to further their professional development.

I am very excited about our two new freshmen wide receivers Jonathan Booker and Matthew Colvin.  These two individuals will bring speed to the offense and will be great weapons for Greg McGhee in the future. On the defensive line, we have some young and energetic individuals.  Damon Gresham, Joseph Dillard, and Tommy Boozer will add tremendous depth to the defensive line position.  Also on defense, we have a very solid hard hitting linebacker, Devin Rollins, who will play a tremendous role. The skillful student-athletes are making a smooth transition from high school to the college level in the classrooms as well as on the field.

We also showed great improvements from the first scrimmage to the next.  We were able to minimize the penalties and mental errors, and made vast improvements in our overall game day operation.

I feel very good about this season.  I am really looking forward to seeing how we will improve as a team from last year. We have a very competitive schedule which will allow us to see how we match up with a power house Division-IA Rutgers University as well as a power house D-IAA Georgia Southern.  We will continue to thrive to become MEAC Champs and find ourselves in the playoffs. The Morehouse game is a special game for many reason. It’s a rival that goes back many years and the tradition for both Universities is what makes it more stimulating. We look forward to upholding the Howard Legacy and Tradition.


-Coach Harrell

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